Raygun Torche

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Enjoy your dabs with the Thicket Space out Ray Gun Force! This illuminating device showcases a gleaming stainless steel tip, accompanied by a collapsible lighter stand, secure safety lock, and steadfast ignition hold. Catering to diverse preferences, its flexible flame feature empowers you to choose your desired intensity, creating a harmonious ignition experience. The Spaceout Ray Gun also boasts a windproof jet flame, ensuring seamless lighting and torching even on blustery days outdoors.

Its distinctive grip design facilitates an effortless hold while operating the torch. Available in an array of 14 captivating colors, including glow purple and green, this torch is unique at any session.

Thicket, once synonymous with TikTok’s pioneering portable water pipe, has evolved into a dynamic brand, redefining smoking accessories. The debut of Spaceout Torches in July 2022, including the iconic Raygun Torch and Light year Torch, marked a nostalgic yet ingeniously designed line that resonated nationwide.

What’s Included –

1. (1)Thicket Spaceout Lightyear Torch with Kickstand


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